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Owen Clinic Services

The Owen Clinic is among America's top HIV care programs because of its comprehensive offerings, experienced healthcare staff, and affiliation with UC San Diego Health System.

In addition to providing HIV primary care, the Owen Clinic also offers the following services:

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Antiretroviral and Other Drug Therapies

Initiated and monitored by clinic pharmacists at the Owen Clinic Monday through Friday. Patients must first obtain a referral from their primary care provider, then call 619-543-3995 to schedule an appointment.

Mental Health Services

Psychiatric evaluation and treatment, neuropsychological assessment; short-term individual, family, and/or group therapy; and chemical dependency referrals. To schedule an appointment, call 619-543-3995.

Nutrition Services

Evaluation, counseling, and body composition measurement with BIA are provided at the Owen Clinic by a registered dietitian on-site at the clinic. Appointments are necessary. Call 619-543-3995 to schedule.

Smoking Cessation Counseling

Available for patients who want to break the habit. This service is free for Owen Clinic patients. For more information, call Joe Montanez at 619-543-3453.

Patient Education

Offers patients the following education services to help them learn more about their diagnosis and how to successfully manage it: Resource Library, Self-Management Manual, and Video and Book Lending. Additionally, client-centered counseling is available to help patients create healthier lifestyle changes. Typical behaviors addressed are exercise plans, diet changes, stress reduction, safer sex and medication adherence. In addition, our trained HIV counselor provides emotional support to patients who are newly diagnosed or in sero-opposite relationships. Appointments are necessary, so ask your provider to refer you to the Health Educator or call at 619-543-2680.

Medication Adherence Counseling

Available to educate patients in understanding the goals of anti-HIV treatment. Additionally, support and tips on taking medications and managing side effects are available.

Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Provides support for individuals who want to end substance use or maintain sobriety.

Transfusions and Infusions

Patients who need blood or medications can be administered by experienced clinic nurses on an outpatient basis. If needed, these services also can be provided at your home by home care nurses. Your primary care provider makes arrangements for these services.

Specialty Clinics

Available to assist patients with other related health issues. Dates and times vary. Call 619-543-3995 for more information.

  • Liver Clinic: Specialized care and consultation from a Hepatologist (liver specialist)
  • Oncology Clinic: Specialized care and treatment from an Oncologist (cancer specialist)
  • Lipid/Lipodystrophy Clinic: Specialized care from a physician, pharmacist, and nutritionist.
  • Anal Dysplasia Clinic: Specialized care and treatment for anal cancer and genital/anal warts. Services include anal Pap smear and anoscopy, anal biopsy, and cryosurgery.

Case Management Services

Assistance with access to food, housing, transportation, SSI, Medi-Cal, ADAP, and referrals. Case Managers are available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. (on Tuesdays, 9 a.m. - noon). The social worker may be paged to assist patients in the Owen Clinic Monday through Friday.

Mother And Child Program

Provides comprehensive HIV care for pregnant women, children and adolescents. To schedule an appointment, call 619-543-8080.

Pharmacy Services

Provided in the same building as the Owen Clinic, the Ambulatory Care Center (ACC). If you need a refill from the UCSD Pharmacy, call 619-543-5934. You can also have prescriptions filled at most other pharmacies of your choice. If your refills have expired or you ran out of refills, please call your pharmacy. Your pharmacy will contact the Owen Clinic about the prescription.

Dental Care

Available through community referral.

How is care provided at the Owen Clinic?

Experienced teams of physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners provide primary medical services. Each time you have a scheduled appointment at the Owen Clinic, we make every effort to ensure that you have a follow-up visit with your primary provider team. However, because of our high patient volume and urgent visits, it is sometimes necessary to refer you to another team. If this happens, we will consult your primary provider team to update your progress.

As part of the UC San Diego Health System, the Owen Clinic medical staff members train medical students, interns, resident physicians in internal medicine and physicians from the community who are interested in caring for persons living with HIV and AIDS. At some times, these various practitioners may participate in your care.