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My Health Risks

HIV can lead to other health issues. Learn how HIV increases health risks, and how medical tests can identify issues for early treatment.

Health Risks

It's important to make healthy decisions, and to get tested early to identify and start treatment for health issues. Learn more about the following risks and what you can do to stay healthy:


Learn about STDs, how they are transmitted and important preventive measures. Visit Page

Drugs and Alcohol

Learn about how the use of drugs and alcohol can effect individuals with HIV. Visit Page

Heart Attacks

Learn about heart issues that can concern HIV+ patients.
Visit Page


Learn about Hepatitis C and other the liver issues that can concern HIV+ patients. Visit Page


Learn about the two most common lung-related health issues for people living with HIV. Visit Page

Dental Health

Learn about one of the most common risks among individuals with immune suppression. Visit Page

Skin and Complexion

Learn about skin changes and symptoms that may occur with individuals living with HIV. Visit Page